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In July 2008, Elder Vance Ferrell published an eight page letter entitled, “Letter to Ernie Knoll, The man who receives supernatural dreams—Discovering where the dreams come from.” It was published in his newsletter and is based on an open letter from Linda Kirk to Ernie. Thus throughout this chapter, the reader will be referred to chapter 7 regarding Linda. Elder Ferrell failed to follow the Bible counsel of Matthew 18:15 by never contacting Ernie and going by hearsay.

The Review and Herald, July 18, 1893

For years the Spirit of God has reproved and exhorted the professed followers of Christ, and has left us without excuse in pursuing evil ways, in criticising and finding fault with the message and the messenger whom God has sent. Shall we who cannot read the secrets of the heart reject the message of reproof, and presume to say that we are without fault? It is perilous to permit prejudice to arise in your hearts and speak against those upon whom sacred responsibility is laid, permitting yourselves to be influenced by a report that has come to your ears of which you have never sought for an explanation from the one accused.

Whenever we take the false accusations of another and spread those accusations without confirming them, we are aiding the enemy in his work.

Selected Messages, Book 1, p. 72

It matters not how blameless the character and life of those who speak to the people the words of God; this procures for them no credit. And why? Because they tell the people the truth. This, brethren, is my offense. But if a false report is circulated, if by some inference or conjecture an imputation is cast upon the character of Christ's ambassador, with what absurd credulity is it received! How many are ready to magnify and spread the slander! Such are revealing their real character. "He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God" (John 8:47).


Counsels to Writers and Editors, p. 49

False reports will be circulated, and some will be taken in this snare. They will believe these rumors, and in their turn will repeat them, and thus a link will be formed connecting them with the archdeceiver. This spirit will not always be manifested in an open defiance of the messages that God sends, but a settled unbelief is expressed in many ways. Every false statement that is made feeds and strengthens this unbelief, and through this means many souls will be balanced in the wrong direction.

We are dismayed to see how Elder Ferrell magnified Linda’s slander, how far he went trying to prove Ernie as a false prophet, and then circulated his false report.


Who is Vance Ferrell?

Elder Vance Ferrell is a long-time Seventh-day Adventist who has a website and publishes low-cost Spirit of Prophecy books for widespread distribution. He has been a canvasser, teacher, and a pastor. He received a B.A., M.A., and B.D. in theology and Biblical Languages, while attending Pacific Union College and Andrews University, plus training in professional education.


Astonished at Linda Kirk’s letter to Ernie Knoll

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“A copy of an Open Letter to Ernie Knoll was given to me several days ago. Upon carefully reading it, I am astonished at what I discovered. Since it is nineteen full pages in length, it is too large to reprint. So, in this brief report, I am going to provide you with its basic message—and it is an important one.

“The letter was written by Linda Kirk to Ernie Knoll, who claims to regularly have dreams given him by an angel of God for the Advent people.

“Since the spring of 2005, Ernie has had a series of dreams which he claims are inspired by God.

“Linda first learned of his dreams from an e-mail sent her by a friend in late August or early September of 2007. Casting aside all caution, and hoping he might be a ‘last-day prophet,’ she obtained Ernie’s phone number and spoke with him.

“Hoping that he might have special light from God for God’s people today, she became a ‘strong supporter’ of Ernie’s dreams. Soon she became even more deeply involved.”

We are astonished that Elder Ferrell would be astonished after reading a letter from just one person and taking it as gospel truth, without verifying the facts straight from the source (Ernie).

Why would Elder Ferrell see Linda as “casting aside all caution” when God’s Word instructs that we are to “quench not the Spirit; despise not prophesying; prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21. However, instead of speaking with Ernie and observing him, she should have followed this advice: “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20. Did Elder Ferrell fail to do the same thing and instead just went by Linda’s hearsay? We certainly would not expect this of a trained pastor.

It is difficult to imagine Linda as a “strong supporter” with all the doubts she expressed about Ernie’s dreams. As you can see from chapter 7, Linda’s “first-hand information” is nothing but accusations to destroy Ernie’s character.

God says:

Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, pp. 105-106

Those who allow prejudice to bar the mind against the reception of truth cannot receive the divine enlightenment. Yet, when a view of Scripture is presented, many do not ask, Is it true--in harmony with God's word? but, By whom is it advocated? And unless it comes through the very channel that pleases them, they do not accept it. So thoroughly satisfied are they with their own ideas that they will not examine the Scripture evidence with a desire to learn, but refuse to be interested, merely because of their prejudices.


Manuscript Releases, Vol. 17, p. 65

The light I have for our ministers is: Seek God; stop your whisperings and your evil surmisings instigated by Satan, and see if the love of God will not fill heart and soul.

If Elder Ferrell was familiar with what was just quoted, he willingly ignored it. We must be very careful when meeting something for the first time. Our expressions of caution, God may see as doubt, since He knows where our thoughts will lead. In addition, we must be on guard that our prejudices and biases do not lead us away from Jesus rather than toward Him.

Elder Ferrell begins quoting Linda’s letter to Ernie right away, as if one of the apostles wrote it. The very first paragraph leads people to think that what they are about to read regarding Ernie is conclusive evidence his dreams are not from God. Instead of questioning Linda’s motives, Elder Ferrell directs his bias and skepticism only towards Ernie. Elder Ferrell’s conclusions are heavily influenced by a woman who did not keep a promise to Ernie and used false assumptions to discredit Ernie and his dreams, without verifying the facts or finding additional information in God’s Word. The only safe course we can take is by following the instructions God has given us on how to test a prophet. If we follow this instruction, we will not be deceived. Sadly, Linda and Elder Ferrell have not followed this counsel. Instead, they resort to character assassination.


Ernie’s visit with Linda

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“Ernie claims to be a godly man—When Ernie came to visit Linda and her husband, they learned a lot about him.”

What Ernie states is that God has given him messages for His people. Ernie has never said he is a godly or perfect man. Ernie prayed and God answered with a dream to help not only himself but all of us, including Linda and Elder Ferrell. We must remember that every one of us still struggles against sin. Prophets and great men of the Bible were no different than the rest of us. This is covered in greater detail in chapter 2 of volume 2. However, we will summarize some points as follows.

  • God still called Abraham a prophet (Genesis 20:7) even after he lied to Abimelech.
  • Jacob deceived his father (Genesis 27) and God appeared to him in a dream not long after this (Genesis 28:10-20) assuring him that he would be blessed.
  • Nebuchadnezzar received a dream from God (Daniel 2) and yet this king was a pagan.
  • Jonah was called to deliver a message to Ninevah (Jonah 1:2), yet he disobeyed God and fled in the opposite direction. God did not cast Jonah off, but continued to work through him.
  • Peter had walked with Christ for three and half years, but eventually denied Him. However God did not reject Peter but used him mightily.
  • Paul was persecuting the early Christians, yet God gave him a vision that converted him (Acts 9). From that time God endowed special blessings upon him and he became one of the most well known missionaries for the Christian church.

In the following account of Ellen White’s first dream, ask yourself if you would have believed it was from God based on the condition she was in.

God says:

Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 2, pp. 15-17

In 1842 I constantly attended the Second Advent meetings in Portland, and fully believed the Lord was coming. I was hungering and thirsting for holiness of heart; day and night it was my study how to obtain this treasure that all the riches of the world could not purchase. And while bowed before the Lord, praying for this blessing, the duty to pray in a prayer-meeting was presented before me. I had never prayed vocally, and was not humble enough to do this, fearing that if I should attempt to pray, I should become confused and be obliged to stop, or my prayer be very broken. Every time I went before the Lord in secret prayer this unfulfilled duty presented itself, until I ceased to pray, for in this state of mind my prayers seemed like mocking God. I settled down in a melancholy state which increased to deep despair.

In this state of mind I remained three weeks, with not one ray of light to pierce the thick clouds of darkness around me. My sufferings were very great. How precious did the hope of the christian look to me then. And how wretched the state of the sinner without God or hope in the world. I remained bowed before the Lord nearly all night, groaning, and all I had any confidence to utter was, "Lord, have mercy." Such utter hopelessness would seize me that I would fall upon my face with such agony of feelings as cannot be described. Like the poor publican, I dared not so much as lift my eyes toward heaven. I became much reduced in flesh. My friends looked upon me as one sinking in a decline. At length a dream was given me which sunk me still lower in despair, if possible.

I dreamed that there was a temple to which many people were flocking, and all who would be saved when time should close must be within that temple. And all who were outside the temple would be lost. As I looked upon the people going to the temple, I saw the multitude laughing at and deriding them, telling them that it was all a deception. They even caught hold of some who were hastening to the temple and tried to hold them.

I was afraid of being laughed at and ridiculed, and thought I would wait until the multitude were dispersed, or until I could go in some way that they would not know where I was going. My mind was troubled lest I should be too late, and the multitude was increasing instead of lessening. I hastily left my home and pressed through the crowd. I was in such haste that I did not notice the throng. I feared I was too late. I entered the building, and what a sight met my eyes! The temple was supported by one immense pillar, and to this pillar was a lamb tied, all mangled and bleeding. I thought that we all knew that it was our sins that caused this lamb to be thus torn and bruised. Just before this lamb were seats elevated above the level of the floor, and a company of people were sitting there looking very happy. All who entered the temple must come before the lamb and confess their sins, and then take their place among the happy throng who occupied the elevated seats. Even while in the building a fear came over me and shame to have them all looking upon me. I was slowly making my way around the pillar to face the lamb, when the trumpet sounded, and the building shook, and shouts of triumph went up from the saints in that building. The temple seemed to shine with awful brightness, and then all was dark, terrible dark. Those who had seemed so happy were gone, and I left alone in the place in complete darkness. The horror of my mind could not be described. I awoke, and it was some time before I could convince myself it was not a reality. Surely, thought I, my doom is fixed, I have slighted mercy, and grieved the Spirit of the Lord away, never more to return.

The Bible says that “holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” 2 Peter 1:21. This does not mean they were without faults. Elder Ferrell and Linda have stereotyped Ernie as someone not good enough to be a prophet. God’s prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, and David struggled with sin, just as the rest of us, but they remained prophets for God. Ernie is no different. Would Elder Ferrell and Linda have treated them the same way they have treated Ernie? When Linda states that she learned a lot about Ernie during a weekend visit, it reveals that she received wrong impressions of Ernie and had the wrong preconceived ideas of what a prophet is like. How can one learn a lot about someone in just one weekend?


Asking questions in dreams

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“The angel told Ernie he could ask any mundane questions, and he would answer them—That is not how angels communicate God’s messages to mankind! They give what God has told them to say, instead of listening to and answering mundane questions.

“Linda also wondered how Ernie could remember which questions to ask when he was sound asleep.”

Where is the proof that the angel told Ernie he could ask any “mundane” questions and they would be answered? There is none because it never happened and Ernie never stated that. This is a perfect example of distorting the truth the more it is repeated. The actual truth is that sometimes other people or Ernie and Becky would pray for answers and that if it was God’s will He would answer, whether in a dream or in another way. Linda and Elder Ferrell have falsely concluded and accused Ernie and the angel of something that was never said.

Here is an excerpt from chapter 7: Becky is periodically able to hear Ernie talking aloud in his dreams. As yet, she has not heard him asking a question, only making statements or partial statements. Perhaps the questions are just a part of the dreams and God already knows what Ernie would ask in those situations. How it all works we do not know for sure, but we do know that it happens. Just because we do not understand something, does not make it false. Linda, if God gave you the opportunity, would you not want to ask questions of Jesus or an angel in a dream? Ellen White and Bible prophets freely asked God questions in their dreams or visions, whether aloud or not, as seen in the following quotes.

God says:

Matthew 7:7

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:


Daniel 7:16

I came near unto one of them that stood by, and asked him the truth of all this. So he told me, and made me know the interpretation of the things.


Broadside1, April 6, 1846

And as we were gazing at the glories of the place our eyes were attracted upwards to something that had the appearance of silver. I asked Jesus to let me see what was within there… And I saw a veil with a heavy fringe of silver and gold as a border on the bottom; it was very beautiful. I asked Jesus what was within the veil… As we were travelling along, we met a company who were also gazing at the glories of the place. I noticed red as a border on their garments; their crowns were brilliant; their robes were pure white. As we greeted them, I asked Jesus who they were? He said they were martyrs that had been slain for him.… And I saw the fruit of the tree of life, the manna, almonds, figs, pomegranates, grapes, and many other kinds of fruit. We all reclined at the table. I asked Jesus to let me eat of the fruit. He said, not now. Those who eat of the fruit of this land, go back to earth no more… I asked Jesus if his Father had a form like himself. He said he had, but I could not behold it, for said he if you should once behold the glory of his person you would cease to exist.


Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White, pp. 101-102

I asked my attending angel for an explanation of what I saw. He told me that I could see no more then, but he would shortly show me what those things that I then saw meant.

I asked my accompanying angel the meaning of what I heard, and what the four angels were about to do.


Early Writings, p. 88

Then he showed me the conductor, who appeared like a stately, fair person, whom all the passengers looked up to and reverenced. I was perplexed and asked my attending angel who it was. He said, “It is Satan...”

I asked the angel if there were none left. He bade me look in an opposite direction, and I saw a little company traveling a narrow pathway.


Ibid., p. 127

I asked the angel why there was no more faith and power in Israel.


Ibid., p. 176

I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen, and was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the True Witness to the Laodiceans.


Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 4b, pp. 2-3

I asked the angel why simplicity had been shut out from the church, and pride and exaltation come in. I saw that this is the reason why we have almost been delivered into the hand of the enemy.

I asked the angel if the frown of God had been upon his people for commencing the Sabbath as they have. I was directed back to the first rise of the Sabbath.


Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 1, p. 178

I asked the angel if that darkness was necessary. Said he: "Look ye!" I then saw the church begin to rise, and earnestly plead with God, and rays of light began to penetrate this darkness, and the cloud was removed.


Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White, p. 253



Ellen G. White: The Early Years, Vol. 1, p. 150

At times Ellen White, while in vision, spoke in short exclamations of what she was viewing. These gave clues to her companions as to the scenes passing before her. It was so in this case, and Joseph Bates, with pencil and paper in hand, noted the words as she spoke. Here are significant portions of Bates's notes:

Where did the light break out? ----- Let thine angel teach us where the light broke out! ----- It commenced from a little, when Thou didst give one light after another. ----- The testimony and commandments are linked together; they cannot be separated. ----- That comes first, the ten commandments by God. . . .

It is true Ernie asks many questions in his dreams. The Herald at one time even said patiently that Ernie always has questions. But to conclude that Ernie can ask any mundane question in a dream is false. Elder Ferrell bases this point on Linda’s statement and not what he heard Ernie say personally, since he never contacted Ernie. Elder Ferrell failed to thoroughly study God’s Word to find the truth. He did not follow God’s counsel on how to test a prophet. Knowing that other prophets asked questions in dreams or visions, why is it wrong for Ernie to do the same? Because we do not understand something, does not make it false. “The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.” Deuteronomy 29:29. We do not need to be concerned with those things that God has not revealed to us. Perhaps in His time He will reveal it.


Changing the dreams

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“Changing the dreams—Another thing that disturbed Linda was that, after Ernie told her the angel wanted her to edit the dreams, the angel specifically said she was to type them, and her husband, Brian, was then to check them over. Then she was not to send them to Ernie to verify, but to Ernie’s webmaster who was to put them on the internet exactly as received from Linda. But she later found that the description of what was said in the dreams would be significantly changed later before being placed on the internet. So that which finally appeared was not the original content of what Ernie was supposed to have dreamed.”

The following points show that Elder Ferrell made untruthful statements. First of all, neither Ernie nor Linda have said that Linda was to type or edit all of Ernie’s dreams. Notice Elder Ferrell implies this by referring to dreams rather than a dream. The fact is that Linda was only asked to edit one dream.

The second point to notice is whether the dream Linda edited was significantly changed as stated by Elder Ferrell. According to what Linda wrote, it was not.

“I then emailed it to the web master. But, I noticed that the dream that was posted had some minor changes made to my edition. I guess the web master felt at liberty to change some things that even you weren’t supposed to change.”

What agenda is Elder Ferrell pushing? Linda plainly stated in her letter that some “minor changes” were made. Yet Elder Ferrell says the dream was “significantly changed.” Where did he get this new information? Or is he taking it upon himself to create as much doubt about Ernie as he can?

The third point is that Linda did not type any of Ernie’s dreams as Elder Ferrell suggests. Ernie types his dreams after he receives them. Linda was only to edit the dream.

Ernie’s dream says:

The SDA Church, September 28, 2007

After you awake, prepare what I have shown you. Send it to Sister Z [Linda Kirk]. She will serve in editing. When she is finished she is to have her husband review it. He will know if anything has been left out as he has already been shown. When he is in agreement with what has been prepared, it is to be sent straightaway to Brother S for posting for His people.

Sending it straight to Brother S for posting it on the website does not exclude the webmaster from making changes, as can be seen in the following.

Letter to Linda Kirk from Ernie Knoll


“The one item I do want to comment on was the instruction. In the dream I was instructed to invite you to edit the dream (correct spelling, punctuation and sentence structure). You were then to send it to our web administrator and he would upload it to the web site. After receiving the dream, he found typos of spelling and punctuation. These needed to be corrected prior to being placed on the web site. I had already instructed him that I was told he alone was to have the final edit of the dream per instruction from the Herald. This instruction was given to the web administrator while you were still editing the dream.”

God says:

Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, p. 348

No man is a proper judge of another man's duty. Man is responsible to God; and as finite, erring men take into their hands the jurisdiction of their fellowmen, as if the Lord commissioned them to lift up and cast down, all heaven is filled with indignation. There are strange principles being established in regard to the control of the minds and works of men, by human judges, as though these finite men were gods.


Ibid., p. 493

The Lord has not placed any one of His human agencies under the dictation and control of those who are themselves but erring mortals. He has not placed upon men the power to say, You shall do this, and you shall not do that. . . .

Elder Ferrell clearly distorts the truth. He proves that he has another agenda and is being led by a wrong spirit. As we continue, this same spirit will be seen again.

For additional details, see “Webmaster changing dream?” in chapter 7.


Unintelligible statements?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“Unintelligible statements—One of Ernie’s unimportant questions to the angel was whether Linda’s husband, Brian, was also receiving those dreams. Of course, he never did. Why would Ernie wonder whether he was also receiving dreams? The angel gave an extremely confusing reply. . . .”

Why would Elder Ferrell state that Ernie’s question on the subject of dreams is unimportant or wonder why he would ask that? Anything concerning heavenly matters is important. Just because something is irrelevant to someone does not make it that way for others. We must also wonder why Elder Ferrell would actually state that Brian never had the same dream. Did God show Elder Ferrell that he did not? Or was he with Brian as a witness?

Ernie’s dream says:

The SDA Church, September 28, 2007

He said that many are shown and they share. Many are shown and they are afraid to share. Many are shown and they do not recall. Many are shown and they recall after the appointed time. And many are shown through the Father’s Spirit.

There is nothing confusing about this statement, as Elder Ferrell leads his readers to believe. Hazen Foss was given visions before Ellen White and refused to relate them to others (click here for more information). At times Ellen White received information from God that she did not recall until the time was right. Ernie experiences the same. Nebuchadnezzar received a dream he could not remember. Brian may have simply just been shown the apostasy as described in “The SDA Church” dream through inspiration of the Holy Spirit, since the subject of apostasy was discussed during Ernie’s visit with Brian and Linda.

God says:

Matthew 13:10-14

And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:


Mark 4:10-12

And when he was alone, they that were about him with the twelve asked of him the parable. And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.

If something God reveals is not understood at first, do we conclude it is unintelligible? If we did, we would be forced to conclude that parts of the Bible are unintelligible.

For more information, read “Angel’s statement does not make sense” in chapter 7.


Another strange statement?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“Later in her letter, Linda mentions another strange statement by the angel.”

Linda references the underlined statements in the following.

Ernie’s dream says:

Watch, as I Am Coming, August 14, 2007

Still holding my right hand, we return to the corridor. My angel smiles at me and says, "You which are they are together Hliva." I ask how he spells that. I tell him that I do not understand what he is trying to tell me or us. I state that I feel I am not appropriate for the task that has been given me—that there are others who are better suited for this. Smiling again the angel explains, "Because you do not understand, you know. If you were to know, you would not understand. All of heaven knows, as well as all of earth, whom God has chosen. The enemy hates you which are they and will want to stop you, but the Father will prevail."

[Note: The word “Hliva” (meaning “Elijah”) in this case represents the 144,000—“you which are they”—who give the Elijah message.]

The following quotes will shed more light on the meaning of the underlined statements.

Last Day Events, p. 204

He will raise up from among the common people men and women to do His work, even as of old He called fishermen to be His disciples. There will soon be an awakening that will surprise many. Those who do not realize the necessity of what is to be done will be passed by, and the heavenly messengers will work with those who are called the common people, fitting them to carry the truth to many places.

In the last solemn work few great men will be engaged. . . . God will work a work in our day that but few anticipate. He will raise up and exalt among us those who are taught rather by the unction of His Spirit than by the outward training of scientific institutions. These facilities are not to be despised or condemned; they are ordained of God, but they can furnish only the exterior qualifications. God will manifest that He is not dependent on learned, self-important mortals.


Ibid., pp. 205-206

It is discipline of spirit, cleanness of heart and thought that is needed. This is of more value than brilliant talent, tact, or knowledge. An ordinary mind, trained to obey a "Thus saith the Lord," is better qualified for God's work than are those who have capabilities but do not employ them rightly.

The laborers will be qualified rather by the unction of His Spirit than by the training of literary institutions. Men of faith and prayer will be constrained to go forth with holy zeal, declaring the words which God gives them.

Those who receive Christ as a personal Saviour will stand the test and trial of these last days. Strengthened by unquestioning faith in Christ, even the illiterate disciple will be able to withstand the doubts and questions that infidelity can produce, and put to blush the sophistries of scorners.

The Lord Jesus will give the disciples a tongue and wisdom that their adversaries can neither gainsay nor resist. Those who could not, by reasoning, overcome satanic delusions will bear an affirmative testimony that will baffle supposedly learned men. Words will come from the lips of the unlearned with such convincing power and wisdom that conversions will be made to the truth. Thousands will be converted under their testimony.

Why should the illiterate man have this power, which the learned man has not? The illiterate one, through faith in Christ, has come into the atmosphere of pure, clear truth, while the learned man has turned away from the truth. The poor man is Christ's witness. He cannot appeal to histories or to so-called high science, but he gathers from the Word of God powerful evidence. The truth that he speaks under the inspiration of the Spirit is so pure and remarkable and carries with it a power so indisputable that his testimony cannot be gainsaid.

Few great men will be a part of the last work. Rather it will be those from among the common people, the uneducated, and even the illiterate. God will raise up those who are taught by the Holy Spirit rather than those who are trained in literary institutions and are self-important.


Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, p. 65

God calls upon those who hold responsible positions in Sabbath-school work to put away all egotism, all self-confidence, and pride of opinion; if a message comes that you do not understand, take pains that you may hear the reasons the messenger may give, comparing scripture with scripture, that you may know whether or not it is sustained by the Word of God. If you believe that the position taken have not the Word of God for their foundation, if the position you hold on the subject can not be controverted, then produce your strong reasons; for your position will not be shaken by coming in contact with error. There is no virtue or manliness in keeping up a continual warfare in the dark, closing your eyes lest you may see, closing your ears lest you may hear, hardening your heart in ignorance and unbelief lest you may have to humble yourselves and acknowledge that you have received light on some points of truth. To hold yourselves aloof from an investigation of truth is not the way to carry out the Saviour's injunction to "search the Scriptures." Is it digging for hidden treasures to call the result's of some one's labor a mass of rubbish, and make no critical examination to see whether or not there are precious jewels of truth in the collection of thought which you condemn? Will those who have almost everything to learn keep themselves away from every meeting where there is an opportunity to investigate the messages that come to the people, simply because they imagine the views held by the teachers of the truth may be out of harmony with what they have conceived as truth? Thus it was that the Jews did in the days of Christ, and we are warned not to do as they did, and be led to choose darkness rather than light, because there was in them an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God. No one of those who imagine that they know it all is too old or too intelligent to learn from the humblest of the messengers of the living God.


Manuscript Releases, Vol. 20, p. 245

Many obtain a surface knowledge of truth or Bible doctrine, and then stop, thinking they know it all. But do they know it all? No; no; God's word is, Go forward, looking unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of your faith.

For additional details, see “Dreams confusing?” in chapter 7.


No religious contacts?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

No religious contacts of any kind—Linda also learned that Ernie has almost no religious contacts, shares no literature, or does anything to help and bless others where he is. He just stays to himself; has dreams; and, we will learn later, is either elated or worries.”

For additional details, see sections “Researching about Ernie” and “Outreach endeavors” in chapter 7.

We are not sure from where Elder Ferrell gathered his “elated or worries” scenario. However, being elated or worried reminds us of other prophets, as well as every other human being that has lived on this planet.


Unfulfilled predictions?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

Predictions that did not come true—Although not major ones, yet none of these ever occurred. One concerned a person who would contact Ernie. The angel said Linda would be one of five people who would verify when it happened.

“But nothing ever happened. Mention is made later in her letter of predictions about Shawn Boonstra and Doug Batchelor, which also did not occur.”

Ernie was not told how long it would take for these predictions to occur. Therefore the predictions have not yet failed.

God says:

Jude 1:14 (Jude)

And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,


1Thessalonians 4:16-17 (Paul)

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.


James 5:7-8 (James)

Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.


2 Peter 3:10-12 (Peter)

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?


Revelation 6:14-17 (John)

And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?


Early Writings, p. 58

I saw that the time for Jesus to be in the most holy place was nearly finished and that time can last but a very little longer. What leisure time we have should be spent in searching the Bible, which is to judge us in the last day.


Ibid., p. 64

Said the angel, "Get ready, get ready, get ready. Ye will have to die a greater death to the world than ye have ever yet died." I saw that there was a great work to do for them and but little time in which to do it. Then I saw that the seven last plagues were soon to be poured out upon those who have no shelter; yet the world regarded them no more than they would so many drops of water that were about to fall.

Does Elder Ferrell explain in his newsletters that Jude, Paul, James, Peter, and John are of Satan because Christ has not returned yet? Does he accuse Ellen White of being a false prophet because it has been over 150 years since she wrote that probation was nearly finished? He must realize that God’s timing is not the same as man’s timing. Interestingly, the wicked are the ones who scoff at God’s promise that Christ will return.

2 Peter 3:3-4

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

We must remember that God’s promises and threatenings are conditional. Everything is in His time and in His way. For information regarding Shawn Boonstra and Doug Batchelor, please see sections “False prophecy?” and “Another false prophecy?” in chapter 7.


Asking for a sign

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

No answers to Linda’s silent prayers—Since Ernie told her that the angel said that she, Linda, must work closely with him in typing out the dreams, she silently prayed that, if the dreams were true, that God would give her a sign by having him dream certain things. Although this was done repeatedly, no such evidence was ever forthcoming. Ernie’s ‘angel’ was not able to know what was in Linda’s silent prayers to God.”

Again, Elder Ferrell is wrong. Linda was only asked to edit one of Ernie’s dreams—“The SDA Church,” September 28, 2007. She did not type this dream out, but received it after Ernie typed it and was to only correct grammar mistakes.

Furthermore, Linda does not explain in her letter whether her prayer was silent or not. Even if it was silent, this does not prove God was confirming the dreams were of Satan. God has provided clear and simple tests in His word whereby we are to test a prophet. Linda failed to test Ernie’s dreams by these tests, and instead used her own tests. See “Chapter Conclusion” in chapter 7. God will never answer our prayers when we fail to use the means He has already provided to test a prophet.

God says:

John 7:17

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.


The Desire of Ages, p. 799

The miracles of Christ are a proof of His divinity; but a stronger proof that He is the world's Redeemer is found in comparing the prophecies of the Old Testament with the history of the New.


Ibid., p. 386

They had seen Christ by the witness of the Holy Spirit, by the revelation of God to their souls. The living evidences of His power had been before them day after day, yet they asked for still another sign. Had this been given, they would have remained as unbelieving as before. If they were not convinced by what they had seen and heard, it was useless to show them more marvelous works. Unbelief will ever find excuse for doubt, and will reason away the most positive proof.


The Youth’s Instructor, February 8, 1900

Herod interpreted the silence of Christ as an insult to himself, a contempt for his power. Turning to him, he said: If you will not work a miracle, if you will give no proof of your claims, I will give you up to the soldiers and the people. They may succeed in making you speak. If you are an impostor, death at their hands is only what you merit; if you are the Son of God, save yourself.


Redemption: or the Resurrection of Christ, and His Ascension, p. 27

Jesus began with the first book written by Moses, and traced down through all the prophets the inspired proof in regard to his life, his mission, his suffering, death, and resurrection. He did not deem it necessary to work a miracle to evidence that he was the risen Redeemer of the world; but he went back to the prophecies, and gave a full and clear explanation of them to settle the question of his identity, and the fact that all which had occurred to him was foretold by the inspired writers.


Steps to Christ, p. 119

All this is harming your own soul; for every word of doubt you utter is inviting Satan's temptations; it is strengthening in you the tendency to doubt, and it is grieving from you the ministering angels. When Satan tempts you, breathe not a word of doubt or darkness. If you choose to open the door to his suggestions, your mind will be filled with distrust and rebellious questioning. If you talk out your feelings, every doubt you express not only reacts upon yourself, but it is a seed that will germinate and bear fruit in the life of others, and it may be impossible to counteract the influence of your words. You yourself may be able to recover from the season of temptation and from the snare of Satan, but others who have been swayed by your influence may not be able to escape from the unbelief you have suggested. How important that we speak only those things that will give spiritual strength and life!

Did God refuse to give Linda a sign because she still would have rejected the dreams, just as the Jews still would have rejected Jesus? If Linda had thoroughly studied God’s Word to find the answers, there would have been no need to ask for a sign. We are amazed at Elder Ferrell’s amazement that God did not answer her prayers for a sign. Sadly, Elder Ferrell supports Linda’s doubts and because of his sphere of influence, has caused untold numbers to doubt as well. Does he really want that responsibility on his shoulders?


Astounding discoveries?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

There were very astounding discoveries when they personally met Ernie—It was not until Ernie actually visited Linda’s home, and spoke with her group, that she really learned what he was like. Those discoveries fill two full pages of her open letter.

“Other Advent believers in Linda’s area were present that day. They also noticed that Ernie was not really a deep, earnest Christian.

“The next day, on Sabbath afternoon, October 27, 2007, Ernie spoke to her group of believers. Here are some of the things they learned. . . .

“One lady who was present noticed that, upon being questioned, Ernie said something different than what he wrote on his website.”

It is a shame that Linda mentions only the criticism from her group of believers, not the positive statements. This led Elder Ferrell to immediately judge Ernie and repeat Linda’s accusations with even more exaggeration. Rather than bringing glory to God and His messages, they have brought dishonor. We should be very careful how we receive accusations against people since we do not know their hearts. Ellen White was often falsely accused because she was called to rebuke people.

God says:

Evangelism, p. 313

There is one thing that we have no right to do, and that is to judge another man's heart or impugn his motives.


Counsels for the Church, p. 117

Is it Christian charity to gather up every floating report, to unearth everything that will cast suspicion on the character of another, and then take delight in using it to injure him? Satan exults when he can defame or wound a follower of Christ. He is “the accuser of our brethren.” Shall Christians aid him in his work?

God has never given permission for us to judge one another. In taking up Linda’s “floating report,” Elder Ferrell has proved that he is a participant with Satan. Satan is called the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10). Those who stoop to use his methods are not following Christ’s example.

For additional details, see “Conversation centered around dreams” through to “Talk ego-centric and not spiritual?” in chapter 7.


Not a genuine conversion?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

There was no indication of ever having had a conversion experience when ‘Christ’ told him he would start having dreams to give to Adventists—We now come to some of the most astounding facts about Ernie…

“Then followed actual tape-recorded statements by Ernie. He stated that, until December 2006, he was a ‘nominal Adventist’ who did not have a ‘close relationship with Jesus.’ He would work long hours, six days a week, and ‘wasn’t observing the health message at all.’ He had no contact with Adventists throughout the week or on Sabbath. ‘I was putting work before God’…

“On the night of December 9, 2006, Ernie had some kind of illness and thought he was going to die that night—and he seemed to reach a climax in his hatred of God at that time. So he told God to kill him that night…

“This is utterly astonishing! After having spent a number of years in Adventist Church membership, on the very night that Ernie’s hatred of God reached its climax,—he received a dream from a supernatural being, that he was to be a prophet to the Advent people, and was going to receive more dreams which he should share with them! Can anyone really believe that such dreams are coming from God?

“Repeatedly, in those dreams, Ernie is praised by the angel, and told that God loves him deeply. Yet there is no evidence that Ernie ever experienced a genuine conversion, before, during, or after starting to have these supernatural dreams. A genuine repentance is founded on heartfelt repentance of sin, confession and forsaking it, and acceptance of the enabling grace of Christ to live a better life—and then to start living it.

“Later in the letter, Linda mentions that, in addition to hating God, he told Him to kill Him that night. —He also challenged Him to talk to him ‘like He did the other prophets.’ What an open-door invitation for Satan to contact him that night!” This is what Linda said. . . .”

As the Bible does not try to hide the appalling sins of God’s people, including prophets, Ernie does not try to hide his spiritual condition before he received his dream of heaven and his commission to share God’s messages with His people. However, Linda and Elder Ferrell have taken Ernie’s description of that night on December 9, 2006 and have twisted it to mean something that never was. Ernie never felt hate toward God, as Elder Ferrell stated. How unfortunate that he did not contact Ernie personally to learn what actually happened that night.

For the record, Ernie has spent most of his life (almost 50 years) as a member of the Adventist Church, not just a “number of years” as Elder Ferrell stated. We can notice a pattern of Elder Ferrell’s to sensationalize matters. Additionally, what we applied to Linda in the following, we apply to Elder Ferrell: His primary focus of accusations is at the subjective and typically unverifiable he said, she said tabloid level. The obvious problem with these kinds of accusations is that it is impossible to sort fact from fiction without a video transcript of events being claimed by Linda. This should be a “red flag” to the reader.

Elder Ferrell asks the question, “Can anyone really believe that such dreams are coming from God?” This is similar to the question Nathanael asked of Jesus in John 1:46, “Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?” It is a shame that Elder Ferrell did not follow Nathanael’s example of seeing for himself. Yes, Elder Ferrell, there are many who believe the dreams are from God because they have learned not to go by hearsay and gossip. They have faithfully tested the dreams with God’s Word and their lives are changing, including Ernie’s. As can be evidenced from the testimonials on Ernie’s website, many have listened to God’s still, small voice in the dreams, not Satan’s loud, roaring voice as Elder Ferrell, Linda and many others have done.

Fortunately for us, God knows better than Elder Ferrell why He chooses who He does, such as Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jonah, Peter, Ellen G. White, and Ernie, etc. Elder Ferrell also fails to mention that God works in supernatural ways to save people. He acts in ways that we do not always understand.

God says:

Isaiah 55:8-9

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

We wonder how Elder Ferrell could accuse Ernie of not being converted without any proof. Is he just in a hurry to get out another “story” without first verifying the facts? Whom else has he done this to? While we commend Elder Ferrell’s work of calling for the Seventh-day Adventist Church to return to all of its historical beliefs and to rid itself of the apostasy, we wonder if he has become fixated on Adventist sensationalism and gossip whether there is documentation or not? Does he not know this is the work of Satan? Elder Ferrell accuses Ernie of inviting Satan to contact him (which he did not do), yet Elder Ferrell himself has opened the door to Satan.

For additional details, see “Angry with God?” through to “Conversion impossible during sleep?” in chapter 7.


Ernie does not study?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“We will later learn that, even at the present time, Ernie expresses little interest in the study of either the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy, and says God has other ways to communicate truth to him...

“Ernie says Christ appeared to him—Earlier in the letter, Linda said that it would be expected that, although he said that “Christ” appeared to him that night, it could easily be Satan that was speaking to him.

“It is an intriguing fact that (as we will discover later) while Ernie says he does not study the Spirit of Prophecy, and does not need to, yet the messages given him by the “angel” sound very similar to what Ellen White wrote. The demons are well-acquainted with the contents of those books, and they are anxious to deceive as many of God’s people as they can.”

“After describing that first dream, Ernie tells, in disconnected sentences on the recorded tape, about Jesus coming and talking with him.”

Ernie has never said that he does not study the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy or that he does not need to. Following is what Ernie was shown in his dream.

The Work Now Begins, December 14, 2007

I tell him that I know Jesus does not make mistakes, but can He send these dreams instead to someone who is important and well versed in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, someone who is better suited for this task.

As for me not having a broad understanding of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, the Herald says that I have a broader understanding than I might know and that because I am not ordained of man does not mean I am not ordained of God…

Do you not know that He is the Great Teacher? When it is time you will share the things you know, along with what you are to share from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Elder Ferrell should know that there are other ways that God reveals truth. For additional details, see “Bible never superseded” in chapter 7.

Elder Ferrell says that Ernie’s dreams sound very similar to Ellen White’s writings. That is because they are from the same Author.

Where is the deception in Ernie’s dreams? We have not seen Elder Ferrell prove this from God’s Word. As a pastor and teacher, should he not be able to do this? No, simply because there is no deception.

Why does Elder Ferrell mention about Ernie’s “disconnected sentences”? Is it a sin to do that once in a while? Would not most people do that while being video recorded without a script, without rehearsing and especially while sharing their personal life?

God says:

The Review and Herald, March 31, 1891

We too often sacrifice the truth in order to be in harmony with custom, that we may avoid ridicule. We do not carry all our burdens to the Lord, but craving human sympathy, we lean on broken reeds, seek to drink from broken cisterns that can hold no water.


The Great Controversy (1911), vi

God has been pleased to communicate His truth to the world by human agencies, and He Himself, by His Holy Spirit, qualified men and enabled them to do this work. He guided the mind in the selection of what to speak and what to write. The treasure was entrusted to earthen vessels, yet it is, nonetheless, from Heaven. The testimony is conveyed through the imperfect expression of human language, yet it is the testimony of God; and the obedient, believing child of God beholds in it the glory of a divine power, full of grace and truth.


Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 1, p. 429

God is displeased that any of His people who have known the power of His grace should talk their doubts, and by thus doing make themselves a channel for Satan to transmit his suggestions to other minds. A seed of unbelief and evil sown is not readily rooted up. Satan nourishes it every hour, and it flourishes and becomes strong. A good seed sown needs to be nourished, watered, and tenderly cared for; because every poisonous influence is thrown about it to hinder its growth and cause it to die.

In trying to discredit Ernie and his dreams, again Elder Ferrell does not state the whole truth, twists what Ernie said to mean the opposite, and continues to repeat Linda’s false accusations—sowing seeds of unbelief and evil while leaning on a broken reed.


No regular conversion?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“Once again Linda noted the strangeness of a new last-day messenger from God, who was suddenly being anointed for his work—without ever having gone through the regular conversion process of repentance and confession of sin;—and instead, he says he was converted while he was asleep.”

Has Mr. Ferrell not read of Paul’s conversion?

God says:

The Acts of the Apostles, p. 120

The conversion of Saul is a striking evidence of the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit to convict men of sin. He had verily believed that Jesus of Nazareth had disregarded the law of God and had taught His disciples that it was of no effect. But after his conversion, Saul recognized Jesus as the one who had come into the world for the express purpose of vindicating His Father's law. He was convinced that Jesus was the originator of the entire Jewish system of sacrifices. He saw that at the crucifixion type had met antitype, that Jesus had fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Redeemer of Israel.

In the record of the conversion of Saul important principles are given us, which we should ever bear in mind. Saul was brought directly into the presence of Christ. He was one whom Christ intended for a most important work, one who was to be a "chosen vessel" unto Him; yet the Lord did not at once tell him of the work that had been assigned him. He arrested him in his course and convicted him of sin; but when Saul asked, "What wilt Thou have me to do?" the Saviour placed the inquiring Jew in connection with His church, there to obtain a knowledge of God's will concerning him.


Early Writings, p. 201

All were acquainted with Saul's opposition to Jesus and his zeal in hunting out and delivering up to death all who believed on His name; and his miraculous conversion convinced many that Jesus was the Son of God. Saul related his experience in the power of the Holy Spirit. He was persecuting unto death, binding and delivering into prison both men and women, when, as he journeyed to Damascus, suddenly a great light from heaven shone round about him, and Jesus revealed Himself to him, and taught him that He was the Son of God.

Everyone is converted differently. The true evidence of conversion is a changed life. Instead of seeking to find out how Ernie’s life has changed, Elder Ferrell is more concerned with falsely accusing him through a “good story.” For additional details, see “No sign of repentance in dream” in chapter 7.


Beings nearby

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

Beings flitting nearby while awake—Ernie mentioned that, while awake, he would see supernatural beings flitting around off to his right or left.

“Another concern was the supernatural beings that kept appearing to you, that you could see only out of the corner of your eye, as you were being pressured to tell the dream during the two weeks following the dream. That’s downright spooky. That sounds like the works of the angels of darkness, not of pure, holy, heavenly beings.

“Here is how you described it: ‘For two weeks I did not tell the next part of the dream. For two weeks I did not share the most important part of this dream. For two weeks I kept it secret, but for two weeks I would, still knowing that I was sitting at home, I wasn’t going out anywhere, I would all of a sudden see things walk around out of the corner of my eye, and I’d look and there wasn’t anybody there. But at the same time I would hear a voice say, ‘You need to share the end of the dream.’

“The good angels do not work in this manner. This is a pattern that demons often use with their mediums, to keep them fearful. Each evening, when Adolf Hitler went to bed, he could see a demon sitting in the corner glaring at him. This kept him in a fearful state of mind, so he would keep fulfilling their wishes for the enslavement of Europe. At various times, Ernie likewise expresses various fears that grip his mind.”

Ernie has not had “various fears that grip his mind.” Where did that come from? Where is the proof? It is Satan’s tactic to compare Ernie with Hitler because he does not want people to repent and have victory over sin. He does not want them to be encouraged by dwelling on heavenly things. It is Satan who wants them to focus more on his power than God’s power. It is Satan who causes fear in the minds of Linda and Elder Ferrell, enslaving them in their criticism and depriving them of the joy and peace that comes from believing God’s very important messages for these last days. It is Satan’s desire to keep God’s last-day church from becoming triumphant because then his time would be cut short. Therefore, he continues to go about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Why would Linda and Elder Ferrell want to be a part of that? Satan’s wish is accomplished by keeping them in spiritual blindness, even if it is from just a little bit of error. We pray that somehow their eyes will be opened before it is too late.

God says:

Luke 1:11-12

And there appeared unto him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense. And when Zacharias saw him, he was troubled, and fear fell upon him.


1 Chronicles 21:16, 30

And David lifted up his eyes, and saw the angel of the LORD stand between the earth and the heaven, having a drawn sword in his hand stretched out over Jerusalem. But David could not go before it to enquire of God: for he was afraid because of the sword of the angel of the LORD.


Numbers 22:23, 31

And the ass saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way. Then the LORD opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and he bowed down his head, and fell flat on his face.


Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, pp. 69-70

In my second vision, about a week after the first, the Lord gave me a view of the trials through which I must pass, and told me that I must go and relate to others what He had revealed to me. It was shown me that my labors would meet with great opposition, and that my heart would be rent with anguish; but that the grace of God would be sufficient to sustain me through all.

After I came out of this vision I was exceedingly troubled, for it pointed out my duty to go out among the people and present the truth. My health was so poor that I was in constant bodily suffering, and to all appearance had but a short time to live. I was only seventeen years of age, small and frail, unused to society, and naturally so timid and retiring that it was painful for me to meet strangers.

For several days, and far into the night, I prayed that this burden might be removed from me, and laid upon some one more capable of bearing it. But the light of duty did not change, and the words of the angel sounded continually in my ears, "Make known to others what I have revealed to you."

Hitherto when the Spirit of God had urged me to duty, I had risen above myself, forgetting all fear and timidity in the thought of Jesus' love and the wonderful work He had done for me.

But it seemed impossible for me to perform this work that was presented before me; to attempt it seemed certain failure. The trials attending it appeared more than I could endure. How could I, a child in years, go forth from place to place, unfolding to the people the holy truths of God? My heart shrank in terror from the thought. My brother Robert, but two years older than myself, could not accompany me, for he was feeble in health, and his timidity was greater than mine; nothing could have induced him to take such a step. My father had a family to support, and could not leave his business; but he repeatedly assured me that if God had called me to labor in other places, He would not fail to open the way for me. But these words of encouragement brought little comfort to my desponding heart; the path before me seemed hedged in with difficulties that I was unable to overcome.

I coveted death as a release from the responsibilities that were crowding upon me. At length the sweet peace I had so long enjoyed left me, and despair again pressed upon my soul.

Please note that even Ellen White, just as Job, Elijah, Ernie, and many others, coveted death and shrank from the responsibility of sharing what God was asking of them.

Matthew 14:25-27

And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear. But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.


Reflecting Christ, p. 356

You remember there the disciples were toiling with the ship, and they gave up all hope of reaching the land. While in their dread peril they see One coming toward them, stepping on the foam-crested billows as He would on solid earth, and they were afraid and said, "It is a spirit"; but Christ says, "It is I, be not afraid."


Gospel Workers (1892), p. 31

In their little boat upon the Sea of Galilee, amid the storm and darkness, the disciples toiled hard to reach the shore, but found all their efforts unsuccessful. As despair seized them, Jesus was seen walking upon the foam-capped billows. Even the presence of Christ they did not at first discern, and their terror increased, until his voice, saying, "It is I; be not afraid," [MATT. 14:27.] dispelled their fears, and gave them hope and joy. Then how willingly the poor, wearied disciples ceased their efforts, and trusted all to the Master.

God has opened the eyes of people and animals in the past to see angels. Why can He not do the same for Ernie? It is interesting that, like Zacharias, David, Balaam, and Ellen White, Ernie saw an angel and heard a voice telling him what to do. Ernie has stated that he was not afraid when he briefly saw the bright being. It was perhaps startling, but there was no fear. He knew it was God’s way of getting his attention. However, even if he was frightened, as we have read, there is nothing unusual with that reaction. Even the disciples were frightened when they saw Jesus walking on the water.

Ernie says:

A View of Heaven, December 10, 2006

Incidentally, for two weeks after this dream I did not share the ending—the most important part of the dream where Jesus talked with me. I was afraid of what others would say. But then I found it difficult to sleep at night and a still, small voice kept saying to share the end of the dream. Becky now began to notice that something was not right and asked if there was anything else I was not telling her. I tearfully began relating the end of the dream. We decided that if Jesus said to share the dream, that we had no other choice but to do it. And we have not been sorry ever since.

God says:

Selected Messages, Book 1, p. 97

Angels of God will work with, and through, and by those who will cooperate with the heavenly agencies for the saving of a soul from death, and the hiding of a multitude of sins, that will lead them to consider themselves, lest they also be tempted.

Since each person is unique, God’s angels work in a variety of ways to lead people to the truth. For additional details, see “Supernatural beings” in chapter 7.


Untruthful statement?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

"Another untruthful statement—Linda refers to another item which was not truthfully stated:

“Another fact that surfaced unexpectedly was that you were actually fired from the job that you had before December 2006, and it was explained that you were confrontational and not able to get along personally with your co-workers and associates. Your testimony that you gave at our home was stated in such a way as to lead one to believe that it was your ill health that caused your loss of employment. Again, this brings up issues of integrity.”

To set the record straight, Ernie's employer did not fire Ernie from his job. Ernie resigned. His ill health was a factor in his resignation. Becky can attest to him resigning, because she worked for Human Resources at the time for the same employer and saw his personnel file, which stated that he was eligible for rehire. The unethical practices they saw affected both Ernie and Becky while employed at that Seventh-day Adventist institution. When Ernie voiced his opinions, his employer saw Ernie as being confrontational. They both were disappointed when the Seventh-day Adventist institution did nothing to correct the problems. Becky later resigned from her employment as the Lord instructed, and she and Ernie both are overjoyed, because now they have the Greatest Employer in the universe! It is truly the answer to many private prayers.

God says:

The Desire of Ages, p. 387

But the leaders of the people were offended, "and they said, Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? how is it then that He saith, I came down from heaven?" They tried to arouse prejudice by referring scornfully to the lowly origin of Jesus. They contemptuously alluded to His life as a Galilean laborer, and to His family as being poor and lowly. The claims of this uneducated carpenter, they said, were unworthy of their attention. And on account of His mysterious birth they insinuated that He was of doubtful parentage, thus representing the human circumstances of His birth as a blot upon His history.

Again, Linda and Elder Ferrell rushed to a conclusion before having all the facts. How many people have they unfavorably influenced because they shared their half-truths or blatantly false statements?


Two earlier dreams

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

"More about the first two dreams—Linda mentions how Ernie later elevated two earlier dreams of little consequence to a position of highest importance.

“Ernie, I have another question. According to your own testimony, on December 9, 2006, you . . stated that you did not know Jesus. So, in this condition, you had two dreams in the spring of 2005. You said that you ‘thought nothing of them’ other than that they were interesting. They obviously made little impact on your lifestyle or spiritual commitment. Then, you started having more dreams, had a ‘conversion’ experience in your sleep, and put up a web site. Now, these first two dreams from 2005 are elevated right along with your other dreams to become God’s last-day message for His people, part of the message we are commanded to believe as we bow before the [supernatural] being professing to be Jesus [in your dream] who gave them? How do you explain that?”

In spite of the fact that Ernie did not immediately recognize the significance of his first two dreams or that he was not “converted” at the time does not mean the dreams are not from God. Nebuchadnezzar received dreams from God before he was converted. We also noted earlier in this chapter the dream Ellen White had before she was called to be a prophet. There is no indication that she was “converted” at that time, but she raises it to a status equal with the rest of her visions. See Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 2, pp. 15-17.

God says:

Christ Triumphant, p. 177

Nebuchadnezzar’s wonderful dream caused a marked change in his ideas and opinions, and for a little time he was influenced by the fear of God; but his heart was not yet cleansed from its pride, its worldly ambition, its desire for self-exaltation. After the first impression wore away, he thought only of his own greatness, and studied how the dream might be turned to his own honor.

For additional details, see “First two dreams” in chapter 7.


Addictive effect

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

Addictive effect of the dreams—Linda found that, after having initially accepted the dreams as genuine, she had a compulsion to keep learning what was in the latest one,—until she came to believe they were more important than reading the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.”

If Linda thought the dreams were more important than reading the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, why did she state the following? “How did the dreams affect me personally? Did they drive me to the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Well, in a certain sense they did. We did study a lot on end time events during our time of belief in the dreams.”

We should all want to read or hear a message God sends us. The Word of God should be “addictive,” in the right sense of the word. If it is not, there is a problem in our relationship with God. Of course, we should remember that our study and reception of God’s Word must be for the right motive. Even the proud Pharisees repeated God’s Word, but their hearts were not right with God.

Please notice the definitions for addiction and compulsive (referenced by Linda and Elder Ferrell). These words and their synonyms perfectly reflect how our attitude should be toward God’s Word and its effect on us as we accept it.

The Free Dictionary, http://www.thefreedictionary.com

addiction: love of, passion for, attachment to, affection for, fondness for, zeal for, fervour for, ardour for, habit-forming, dependence (reliance, trust, hope, confidence, belief, faith, expectation, assurance)

compulsive: strongly motivated to succeed, compelling (powerful, persuasive), determined (settled, established or decided beyond dispute or doubt, resolute, firm in purpose or belief, unwavering)

God says:

Psalm 119:11

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.


John 10:27

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:


Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing, p. 19

As the weary traveler seeks the spring in the desert and, finding it, quenches his burning thirst, so will the Christian thirst for and obtain the pure water of life, of which Christ is the fountain.

In regard to Elder Ferrell’s statement that Linda “came to believe they [Ernie’s dreams] were more important than reading the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy,” if that is the case, it is the fault of the reader, not of what they are reading.

Selected Messages, Book 1, p. 19

The writers of the Bible had to express their ideas in human language. It was written by human men. These men were inspired of the Holy Spirit. Because of the imperfections of human understanding of language, or the perversity of the human mind, ingenious in evading truth, many read and understand the Bible to please themselves. It is not that the difficulty is in the Bible. Opposing politicians argue points of law in the statute book, and take opposite views in their application and in these laws.

Elder Ferrell leads his readers to think that all those who have accepted Ernie’s dreams no longer enjoy reading the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Ernie has never stated that his dreams are more important than reading the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Some people who reject Ellen White use the same argument by saying people read too much of the Spirit of Prophecy and neglect the Bible.

For additional details, see “Dreams took preeminence?” and “Dreams had supernatural pull” in chapter 7.

The dreams repeatedly stress the importance of learning from God’s previously revealed words. God’s Word never contradicts itself. His communication to man has been progressive through time, in keeping with “present truth.” That truth is phrased differently because of different writers at different times or new details may be added. However, that does not mean God’s laws or principles are altered in any way.

Can we not see that this world is in desperate need of direct communication from God again? Can we not see that God’s last-day church is in a crisis with the omega of apostasy that reveals we are in the very last days and, therefore, God is intervening? “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Yes, the messenger is fallible, but the messages are not. That is why they cannot be disproved, because they are from God. They are messages of comfort, encouragement and affirmation, instruction, rebuke, and love. The dreams reinforce the core Seventh-day Adventist beliefs repeatedly (see Appendix F, “Doctrines in Ernie Knoll’s Dreams”). The primary message is to repent and prepare for Christ’s imminent return. In addition, would a Christian who truly loves Jesus not want to hear that message repeatedly? They are messages for all who will look, listen, obey, and live--forever!

God’s people are starving to be fed the “meat” of the Word, to be shown the “old paths.” The messages in our churches are being “watered down” and the members are “coming in the front door and walking out the back door,” because they are beginning to see in God’s Church what they left behind in the world. “An enemy hath done this” (Matthew 13:28). Ernie’s ministry continues to receive phone calls, emails, and letters from desperate people, searching for truth and answers, because they are not getting it from their church or pastor. Even the young people are searching. Entertainment and amusement will not save them!

Appeal to Linda, Elder Ferrell and all
Please do not let the enemy—Satan and self—win in your case. God can only use and save a people who are humbled and have repented of all their sins, present and past, even forgotten sins. Have you done this, before it is forever too late? We must be on our knees, searching our hearts as never before. We may think we are spiritually safe yet be completely deceived and lost.

Christ is waiting for a people who will become like Him. He cannot return until there is a remnant who have stopped sinning and have perfected their characters. They must refute what Satan is accusing God of—that His laws are too hard to keep. God is waiting for a people (144,000) who will show the world and the rest of the universe that His laws can be kept—perfectly. Ask God to take away your doubts, your fears, any pride or jealousy, to take away selfishness and all sin—dying to self every moment. Take God’s hand and do not let go. That is where your power lies. Stay calm and focused on Jesus. “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).

We have all driven those nails into the hands of Jesus. Not one of us is greater or lesser than the other. It is time to repent and get ready so that we can go home and see the love scars in the hands of our Savior and that great love in His eyes. Let us not disappoint Him any longer. Why do we want to remain in this world of misery? Laodicea, we are long overdue. It’s time for God’s people to unite in love and give the true gospel message, the straight, present truth of the three angels’ messages to a dying world. Who cares about the opposition or the persecution? It’s time to go home. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Feeling discouraged, alone, or persecuted

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“Continually feeling discouraged, alone, or persecuted—Lacking peace of heart (because he is not at peace with God through daily repentance and the study of His Word), Ernie lives with many concerns. If you read my book, The Demons of Witchcraft, which will be published this fall, you will find that those guided by demons live in a state of alternate elation, and depression and fear.”

“When not dreaming, Ernie feels depressed. During a dream, the angel is building him up emotionally, telling him how important he is. This cyclic pattern is a spiritually unhealthy one.”

It is amazing how Elder Ferrell supposedly knows Ernie’s true spiritual condition. How does he know whether Ernie continually feels discouraged, alone, or persecuted? How does he know that Ernie lacks peace of heart or does not have daily repentance and study of God’s Word? How does he know that when not dreaming, Ernie feels depressed? Building someone up emotionally is not the same as encouragement to keep going in spite of opposition like Elder Ferrell’s and Linda’s. On the other hand, not all emotions are wrong. In other dreams, Ernie has been rebuked or told to repent. The dreams are not just for God’s people but for Ernie as well. The “cyclic pattern” that is “spiritually unhealthy” is the judgment that Linda and Elder Ferrell heap on God and His messages through Ernie. Why did they continue to make up ideas with no proof? The Bible instructs that we are not to judge others (Matthew 7:1).

God says:

Conflict and Courage, p. 214

Elijah's retreat on Mount Horeb, though hidden from man, was known to God; and the weary and discouraged prophet was not left to struggle alone with the powers of darkness that were pressing upon him. . . .


Manuscript Releases, Vol. 15, p. 261

To John the Baptist, shut up in prison because of his fearless testimony against the licentiousness and the unlawful marriage of Herod, there came discouragement. He thought, Why does not Christ exercise His power and deliver me from prison? He sent his disciples to Christ with the inquiry, "Art Thou He that should come? or look we for another?" [Luke 7:19].


Early Writings, p. 20

About one week after this the Lord gave me another view and showed me the trials I must pass through, and that I must go and relate to others what He had revealed to me, and that I should meet with great opposition and suffer anguish of spirit by going. But said the angel, "The grace of God is sufficient for you; He will hold you up.


Ibid., p. 21

Oh, thought I, has it come to this that those who honestly go to God alone to plead His promises and to claim His salvation, are to be charged with being under the foul and soul-damning influence of mesmerism? Do we ask our kind Father in heaven for "bread," only to receive a "stone" or a "scorpion"? These things wounded my spirit, and wrung my soul in keen anguish, well-nigh to despair, while many would have me believe that there was no Holy Ghost and that all the exercises that holy men of God have experienced were only mesmerism or the deceptions of Satan.


Ibid., p. 22

All these things weighed heavily upon my spirits, and in the confusion I was sometimes tempted to doubt my own experience. While at family prayers one morning, the power of God began to rest upon me, and the thought rushed into my mind that it was mesmerism, and I resisted it. Immediately I was struck dumb and for a few moments was lost to everything around me.

Those are just a few examples of how God’s prophets have been or felt discouraged, alone, or persecuted. This does not mean they are not at peace with God. However, if they did not have people like Elder Ferrell writing false accusations about them, then perhaps they would have no reason for discouragement. For further details, see “Feeling alone” in chapter 7.


Treated as a great person?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“Jeanine Sautron was the best-known false prophet in Adventism in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She deceived many people (see my booklet, Jeanine Sautron). Her first dream was also about being taken to heaven, and there treated by Jesus and the angels as though she were an utterly great person. Compare that with Early Writings, 76-81.”

We would like to say that the following from Early Writings, p. 76 expresses exactly how Ernie feels.

Dear Reader: A sense of duty to my brethren and sisters and a desire that the blood of souls might not be found on my garments have governed me in writing this little work. I am aware of the unbelief that exists in the minds of the multitude relative to visions, also that many who profess to be looking for Christ and teach that we are in the "last days" call them all of Satan. I expect much opposition from such, and had I not felt that the Lord required it of me, I should not have made my views thus public, as they will probably call forth the hatred and derision of some. But I fear God more than man.

Ernie is aware of Jeanine Sautron’s dreams and that they are not from God. We do not agree that Ernie’s dreams of heaven portray him as an “utterly great person” any more than Ellen White in her dream in Early Writings, pp. 16-20. Following are examples of how one could say that she was treated as an “utterly great person.”

  • She received a crown from Jesus Himself
  • Angels were all about her
  • She felt she had a perfect right to be in the heavenly city
  • She was able to talk with Jesus and ask Him questions
  • Jesus told her that He would serve her at the supper table
  • An angle bore her gently down to this earth

God says:

Proverbs 20:10, 23

Divers weights, and divers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the LORD. [23] Divers weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good.

Elder Ferrell has used false weights by comparing Ernie with a false messenger and making it appear as if their messages are from the same source.

Off in the distance we see a man standing with a megaphone. He is crying out to the people, “Be afraid; be afraid; Janine Sautron and Ernie Knoll—they are the same!” As we come closer, we see it is Elder Ferrell surrounded by his books and newsletters. We see others holding signs that read, “Ernie Knoll—false prophet!” They are very intent upon getting out their messages; but how strange, not a single person shows error in the dreams of Ernie Knoll—not one single person. They continue to cry out as the day turns to night. Not once has error been detected. Many claim to have found error, but it cannot be proved. Instead, they continue to cry out, “Ernie Knoll--not a prophet of God!” He does not meet their ideas of a true prophet. Many stand and wait for the slightest proof that Ernie’s dreams do not agree with God’s Word. No one steps forward to say “Here is the error.” They just continue to proudly proclaim, “There is error!”


Music and worship services

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

Earthly music and worship services not good—Linda was concerned that Ernie’s dreams tend to downgrade the value of our efforts to worship God. Just about everything is bad, and nothing is told us about what can be acceptable.”

Elder Ferrell repeats what Linda writes, without reading the context of the third dream. Otherwise, he would have known about the music Jesus explained that is acceptable and that is not. Please note that in the Creeping Compromise book by Joe Crews that is available through Ernie’s website, there is a chapter called, “Music and Moods,” which is also helpful. You will also notice that in later dreams, the Lord continues to show Ernie various hymns. Those are obviously what God wants us to focus on in our worship services and daily life.

Ernie’s dreams say:

A View of Heaven, December 10, 2006

One of the things we talked about was how beautiful the music was that I heard in heaven. I mentioned that it was unlike anything I had ever heard in our worship services on Earth. I asked Him if He enjoys the music and worship services we have. He responded, “That is just it. They are your worship services not mine.” He said that some of the music we have is inspired not by Himself, the Father or the Holy Spirit but by a whole different spirit...

Pertaining to the style of music in our worship services, Jesus explained that what we call Christian rock and praise music is an abomination to Himself and the Father. He explained that we begin our worship services asking for the Holy Spirit to come. Why do we believe that they would be there in something that God finds an abomination. He explained that praise music is nothing more than repetition, a carefully designed instrument of worship by Satan himself.

How wrong is it for us to bring the world’s popular type of music into our body temple? How much worse is it for us to bring it into God’s holy temple?


Only One Place to Be, August 18, 2007

Sister M now invites the congregation to turn in the hymnal that is in the pew in front of them and to follow along as we all strive to be “Nearer, My God, to Thee.” As Brother D begins to play the piano and Sister M, the violin, a quiet reverence is felt in the sanctuary. Many pick up the hymnal and start to follow along as they play. As they start into the second verse, many quietly fold the hymnal and return it to the seat back. Then they kneel in prayer while the music plays. Many who wrestle with that close walk with God are crying while in prayer.


The ABC, October 24, 2007

We now walk over to the CD, DVD, and music section. The Herald points to the sign above the display. It says “Happening Tunes for Happening Times. Get Your ‘Vid’ On.” He looks at me and shakes his head. He says, “Nothing inspiring, just entertaining…”

My angel and I now walk over to where the CD, DVD and music stand used to be. In its place is a bookshelf with hymnals.


Stand Fast, February 5, 2008

The song they sing is “I Surrender All.” As the line moves forward, I begin to study and think about the words as I never have before.


What God Can Do, July 19, 2009 (personal dream with It Is No Secret song)

The chimes of time ring out the news,

Another day is through.

Someone slipped and fell.

Was that someone you. . . .


A Friend So Precious, July 31, 2009 (personal dream)

As we are all struggling to climb up the path we are all singing the songI Have a Friend So Precious.”


In the Heart of Jesus, September 12, 2009

At a turn in the path, I begin to walk up the side of a hill toward a small church. The most wonderful music makes its way down the hill. I listen as many people are singing, “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder.”

“We all feel lonely, but there is only one place to be.” He opens the hymnal and begins reading aloud, starting with the first verse. In the heart of Jesus, there is love for you. . . .


Two Cars, March 12, 2010

A small group of us stand at the threshold and hum the songJust as I Am.”

The reader can see that all these songs have an underlying message for God’s people today to come to Him, to surrender all, to repent and be like Jesus in preparation for His imminent return. God wants His people to focus more on the words in each hymn rather than the music. Ernie’s “In the Heart of Jesus” dream describes how a hymn is a sermon in itself.

God says:

Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 5, p. 495

It is too true that reverence for the house of God has become almost extinct. Sacred things and places are not discerned; the holy and exalted are not appreciated. . . . Would it not be well for us often to read the directions given by God Himself to the Hebrews, that we who have the light of the glorious truth shining upon us may imitate their reverence for the house of God? We have abundant reason to maintain a fervent, devoted spirit in the worship of God. We have reason even to be more thoughtful and reverential in our worship than had the Jews. But an enemy has been at work to destroy our faith in the sacredness of Christian worship.


Evangelism, p. 510

Display is not religion nor sanctification. There is nothing more offensive in God's sight than a display of instrumental music when those taking part are not consecrated, are not making melody in their hearts to the Lord. The offering most sweet and acceptable in God's sight is a heart made humble by self-denial, by lifting the cross and following Jesus.

Jesus does not say all our worship services are an abomination. Notice he says some. The context also shows us which ones He doesn’t approve of—ones that contain Christian rock, praise music that is repetitious and music that is found in the world. The music we use to worship God should be reverent and not entertaining, such as hymns. There is more information on music in the Spirit of Prophecy to reference.

For further details, see “Counsel on music” and “Ernie placed above us?” in chapter 7.


God’s Word unimportant?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

Bible and Spirit of Prophecy study unimportant and unnecessary—Ernie knows little about the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. He has little interest in studying either of them; and the angel has told him that the dreams will give him better spiritual guidance,—and that there are many non-Scriptural ways to learn truth from God. This is from the transcript of one of Ernie’s dreams:

“As for me not having a broad understanding of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, the Herald says that I have a broader understanding than I might know [if he, Ernie, had bothered to study them], and that because I am not ordained of man does not mean I am not ordained of God. The angel says that the Great Teacher has many ways of teaching other than what one can read in what He has written.”

So he is saying that his “Herald” will teach him more than if he had studied the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy.”

Elder Ferrell likes to repeat this argument, obviously to make his readers come away thinking Ernie wants nothing to do with the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. However this is completely untrue, as was pointed out earlier under “Ernie does not study?” Since Elder Ferrell has never met Ernie, how does he know how much of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy he knows? We need to remember that Ernie has been an Adventist for almost 50 years. You cannot be an Adventist that long and know little about the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy (writings of Ellen White). The angel never told Ernie that he would get “better” spiritual guidance from his dreams than the Bible or Ellen White’s writings. The angel is simply saying that there are other ways in addition to that. The angel did not say there are many non-Scriptural ways to learn truth from God. He said there are many ways of teaching other than what one can read in what God has written.

Ernie’s dream says:

The Work Now Begins, December 14, 2007

As for me not having a broad understanding of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, the Herald says that I have a broader understanding than I might know and that because I am not ordained of man does not mean I am not ordained of God. The angel says that the Great Teacher has many ways of teaching other than what one can read in what He has written. Referring to Acts 2:17, [“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”] the Herald asks, “Why do you think that He only shows you views when you are sleeping? [see following quote] Do you not know that He is the Great Teacher? When it is time you will share the things you know, along with what you are to share from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.


Testing the Spirits, May 12, 2008

First, one must understand what I wrote in Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17. I said I will pour out My Spirit upon all. Men and women will prophesy in My name. The older will receive dreams. The younger will have visions. This is a dream. A dream happens while you are asleep. A vision happens when you are awake. [Ernie is older so he has dreams while asleep, not visions while awake.]

God says:

Steps to Christ, pp. 87, 93

God speaks to us through His providential workings and through the influence of His Spirit upon the heart. In our circumstances and surroundings, in the changes daily taking place around us, we may find precious lessons if our hearts are but open to discern them…

God speaks to us in His word. Here we have in clearer lines the revelation of His character, of His dealings with men, and the great work of redemption…

Through nature and revelation, through His providence, and by the influence of His Spirit, God speaks to us.

Following are the approximate number of times (as of the writing of this book) that the words Bible, Spirit of Prophecy, and Ellen White, etc. are mentioned in Ernie’s dreams: Bible: 50; Spirit of Prophecy: 27; Ellen White: 15; The Great Controversy: 14; Testimonies to Ministers: 1; plus all the instances of other Spirit of Prophecy books referenced, as well as the Creeping Compromise book by Joe Crews (founder of Amazing Facts).

Ernie’s dream says:

Testing the Spirits, May 12, 2008

“There are and will be many who prophesy in My [Jesus] name. But My people of weak minds do not know how to test these spirits. They quickly ask these bright lights to tell them what or who to believe. These bright lights think they know all because they have been placed in a high position. They are deceived in their own thinking. Each has to study to know how to test the spirits. Each has to look by themselves whom I have sent. Put your soul in the hands of no man, for that man may be an agent of Lucifer. Did I not write that in the last days, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams? Those that claim to prophesy will have the spirits tested to know if they are to the law and the testimony. If they test the spirits and they are My words and they admit it is My words, grace be unto them. But those that dismiss My words and call good evil, cursed be the ground they walk on.”

We can gather much counsel from what Jesus has said in “Testing the Spirits” as well as the Bible and Ellen White’s writings.

If we used Elder Ferrell’s reasoning, then we would have to throw out Ellen White, because she was taught in ways other than the Bible, especially as seen in her 70 years of revelations through approximately 2,000 visions or dreams. Like other critics, in his attempt to discredit Ernie, Elder Farrell would destroy the way in which God has taught all His prophets. To suggest that God can only teach us through His Word does not make sense. Ellen White and all God’s prophets were instructed directly by God. If this never happened, then there would be no written record of God’s words. It is tragic that Elder Ferrell resorted to half-truths, changed what has been quoted in Ernie’s dreams, and used second-hand information in order to discredit Ernie. How much of these methods has Elder Ferrell used in writing about others?

For further details, see “Bible never superseded” in chapter 7.


Linda rejects the dreams

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

Linda makes her decision—Eventually, the continually increasing evidence reached such a point, that Linda decided to reject the dreams—and do it openly. This was not an easy decision; for the dreams had such an almost hypnotic attraction to her, after she started reading them.”

Linda did reject the dreams openly, but there was no “evidence” as Elder Ferrell states. It was based upon her own feelings of who could be a prophet, not by carefully comparing Ernie’s dreams with God’s Word.

Linda stated that “the addictive power of the dreams is strong.” Yet Elder Ferrell changes her words to say “the dreams had such an almost hypnotic attraction to her.” We find it interesting that he not only changes what Linda stated but says that Ernie’s dreams are “almost hypnotic.” It reminds us of how Ellen White was accused of mesmerism (hypnosis). Amazingly, Elder Ferrell states “. . . the messages given him [Ernie] by the 'angel' sound very similar to what Ellen White wrote” yet then Elder Ferrell says they are “almost hypnotic”!

God says:

Mind, Character, and Personality, Vol. 2, p. 719

It was reported all around [in 1845] that the visions were the result of mesmerism, and many Adventists [remnants of the Adventists who had not accepted the seventh-day Sabbath] were ready to believe and circulate the report. A physician who was a celebrated mesmerizer told me that my views were mesmerism, that I was a very easy subject, and that he could mesmerize me and give me a vision.

I told him that the Lord had shown me in vision that mesmerism was from the devil, from the bottomless pit, and that it would soon go there, with those who continued to use it.

I then gave him liberty to mesmerize me if he could. He tried for more than half an hour, resorting to different operations, and then gave it up. By faith in God I was able to resist his influence, so that it did not affect me in the least.

For further details, see “Dreams had supernatural pull” in chapter 7.


The basis of false revivals

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

The basis of false revivals—According to God’s Word, false revivals are based, not on Scripture, but on emotional appeals to the imagination and something new and startling. People attend Pentecostal meetings, another device of the devil, because they imagine that doing so is changing their lives for the better.”

Ernie’s dreams are not based on emotional appeals and are not something new and startling any more than the Bible or Ellen White’s writings.

God says:

The Great Controversy (1888), p. 464

In many of the revivals which have occurred during the last half century, the same influences have been at work, to a greater or less degree, that will be manifest in the more extensive movements of the future. There is an emotional excitement, a mingling of the true with the false, that is well adapted to mislead. Yet none need be deceived. In the light of God's Word it is not difficult to determine the nature of these movements. Wherever men neglect the testimony of the Bible, turning away from those plain, soul-testing truths which require self-denial and renunciation of the world, there we may be sure that God's blessing is not bestowed. And by the rule which Christ himself has given, "Ye shall know them by their fruits," [MATT. 7:16.] it is evident that these movements are not the work of the Spirit of God.


Maranatha, p. 168

Before the final visitation of God's judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since apostolic times. The Spirit and power of God will be poured out upon His children. At that time many will separate themselves from those churches in which the love of this world has supplanted love for God and His word. Many, both of ministers and people, will gladly accept those great truths which God has caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare a people for the Lord's second coming. The enemy of souls desires to hinder this work; and before the time for such a movement shall come, he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit. In those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he will make it appear that God's special blessing is poured out; there will be manifest what is thought to be great religious interest. Multitudes will exult that God is working marvelously for them, when the work is that of another spirit. Under a religious guise, Satan will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world.

We are not sure why Elder Ferrell would compare Ernie’s dreams to Pentecostalism, since the Lord spoke against it in the following dream.

Ernie’s dream says:

The SDA Church, September 28, 2007

We walk into another sanctuary where once again I see that there are many people. They are standing and singing. There is a large screen up front that has words displayed on it. As the people sing, they raise their hands and wave them back and forth. The song they are singing constantly repeats itself. There is no verse of inspiration. I then see many step out into the aisle where they begin slowly walking up and down, singing and waving. Gradually they begin skipping, and after a little more time they begin running up and down the aisle proclaiming that they have the “spirit.” They begin speaking with unintelligible languages. I look to my angel and ask if we may leave.

Those who believe God’s messages through Ernie do not just imagine their lives are being changed, as Elder Ferrell implies, their lives are being changed. There is much proof for that as can be seen in the testimonials on the For My People Ministry website. Following are just a few examples.

Thank you for the Creeping Compromise books. My mom actually just finished reading Creeping Compromise and is very glad we do not eat meat anymore, because we did not know some of the things presented. We have been vegetarians about 2 years now. She was surprised to learn the additional information about coffee as well, and is going to work on giving it up all the more. Because of it my mother has also decided that after she finishes what she has she is not going to buy ice cream anymore. Second, Joe Crew's information on music backs up what I already learned from a personal experience with it in the 7th grade. It is also a testimony, not only to the dangers of such music but also God's love. When I share my experience with others I can point them to the "Music and Moods" chapter. People have a hard time taking my word for it. Please pray for both my parents, and that we all have victory over all our other bad health practices. It cannot be done without God's strength and support from the Christian family. Set your affection on things above, not on things on earth. Colossians 3:2.
--Jean (16 years old) [as of 2010]


Brother Ernie’s dreams have been so very encouraging to me personally, and put together with you [Becky] taking time to walk me through the Lord's way of detoxing, cleansing, healing and the 8 laws of health has been the GREATEST blessing that I have ever received on the face of the earth in my entire lifetime. Words cannot express nor pen write nor fingers type what great blessing the Lord has bestowed upon me through your ministry.
--Beverly Bowers, Pennsylvania


The messages in the dreams have indeed impacted our lives greatly. It has led me personally to study the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy much more and spend more time in prayer and meditation. For the last few years we have given up entirely spending time engaged in worldly entertainment as seen on the TV and electronic media. We realized that the enemy is using these devices to keep us trapped in our various areas of weakness. I personally have experienced a marked change in my Christian experience as a result and I’m thankful and gracious to the Lord for the victory he has given me. I have struggled with a certain problem for most of my life but since making the changes that I mentioned above I have gained the victory. I have found a love for the word of the Lord that I have never had before and now it seems that time is never enough. The more time I spend with Him the more I want to spend. By His power I’m striving to abide in His presence continually. I have found myself enjoying witnessing and telling others of His soon coming. I have shared the messages of the dreams and Creeping Compromise with several members in our church and even with a few friends who are not S.D.A. I have also shared the Final Events DVD (by Amazing Facts & Doug Batchelor) with several of my friends and co-workers. The recent events in our world has opened the eyes of a lot of unbelievers who are asking questions and are curious of what is transpiring in our world. This has given us a great opportunity to share with them and tell them of the coming events so they too can be ready. May the Lord bless you and we’ll continue to keep your ministry in our prayers.
--R J (Trinidad and Tobago)


Yesterday I read your dream of IN THE HEART OF JESUS. I repented of all sins hidden. I am asking Jesus to meet other sins forgotten. The message of God that you published hit me a lot. An alarm sounds very heavily from the sky that everyone has to awake. AMEN.
--(from France)

Would Elder Ferrell be willing to walk up to these people and tell them that it is just their imagination that they are giving up bad habits, repenting of all sins, and changing in preparation for meeting Jesus in the clouds?!

False revivals are not based on the complete truth of the Bible. Those who receive the true revival will be following the complete truth, as seen in the Bible, Ellen White’s writings and Ernie’s dreams. They will give up sin in their life and be granted the Spirit and power of God.


Does Elder Ferrell believe in modern prophets?

Ferrell says: (see Appendix K)

“Please make copies of these eight pages and share them widely with those who need them! It is too late in history to set aside the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, and chase after every person who comes along, claiming to have special messages for us through dreams or visions. We have enough light in God’s Word to enable us to do our duty and prepare our lives to meet Jesus! The problem is that we are not daily reading in the Inspired Writings!”


Will There Be Another Prophet? by Vance Ferrell

“There is no doubt that we live down at the close of time, and we need help guidance from the Lord. But we have the Spirit of Prophecy. A vast wealth of information is in those books, many of which few of us ever read.

“The truth is that we do not need any more prophetic guidance. We already have so much light which we do not use.

“The truth is that we are not entitled to any more guidance. God has said that only those who use what they have, will receive more. When His people do not obey His law, they will not have the guidance of His prophet (Lamentations 2:9; Ezekiel 7:26; 20:3, 12, 13-16; Jeremiah 26:4-6; Proverbs 29:18; Revelation 12:17). Our people in these last days are very, very disobedient to God’s Word.

We are not told that there will be another genuine prophet after Ellen White, and we are not told there will not. The possibility is not ruled out, but we are given little or no encouragement that it will happen.”

We are alarmed to discover that Elder Ferrell states we do not need any more prophetic guidance and are not entitled to any more guidance! How can he say that? Should not that be God’s decision? The Bible verses that Elder Ferrell quotes are simply stating that there will always be those who will reject God’s prophets. The prophecies and messages are for those who will listen and accept. According to the S.D.A. Bible Commentary on Lamentations 2:9, it is a reference to the group of professionals who made up the prophetic class in Judah that were unfaithful to their calling. It does not include the faithful prophets like Ezekiel and Daniel.

Next Elder Ferrell states that we are not told there will be another genuine prophet and we are not told there will not be another but that we are given little or no encouragement that it will happen. That idea is not only discouraging but completely contradicts Joel 2:28-29 and Acts 2:17-18 as well as the following quote by Ellen White!

God says:

Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 5, p. 663

The word of God is sufficient to enlighten the most beclouded mind and may be understood by those who have any desire to understand it. But notwithstanding all this, some who profess to make the word of God their study are found living in direct opposition to its plainest teachings. Then, to leave men and women without excuse, God gives plain and pointed testimonies, bringing them back to the word that they have neglected to follow." [VOL. 2, P. 455 (1870).] The word of God abounds in general principles for the formation of correct habits of living, and the testimonies, general and personal, have been calculated to call their attention more especially to these principles.


Joel 2:28-29

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.


Acts 2:17-18

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.

To stress the importance of God’s Spirit being poured out on all flesh and that sons, daughters, servants, and handmaidens (plural) would have dreams or visions and prophesy, it is included in both the Old and the New Testament. The plurality shows that it will not just be Ellen White as a prophet, but many prophets.

Ellen White said the reason God gave her testimonies is because people were not reading their Bible. Today, truths in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy are being rejected and belittled as never before. God’s Church is in a crisis—the omega of apostasy—and God is loving enough to reach out to us again because we need it now more than ever!

According to Elder Ferrell’s reasoning, we did not deserve Ellen White’s writings, but that did not stop God from sending messages to her. The same can be said for every other prophet in the Bible. The Israelites rejected their prophets, but God still sent John the Baptist. In fact, during Israel’s history, God’s people were never entitled to prophetic guidance according to Elder Ferrell’s argument. But the truth is that God did send prophets who were rejected and killed by those proclaiming to be God’s chosen people. We don’t deserve salvation either, but Jesus came to save us anyway. According to Elder Ferrell’s idea, he should be rejecting Christ’s crucifixion! Elder Ferrell reveals why he “kills” Ernie with his words and why he could never accept Ernie’s dreams. It is because he really does not believe God will send another prophet. To him, all modern prophets are false, because like the Jews, he has entertained a misconception. How sad!

Ernie’s dreams exist for the following reason:

Ellen G. White: The Australian Years, Vol. 4, p. 68

The testimonies have not been given to establish new doctrine. The doctrine is established by the Word of God, and the Spirit of Prophecy comes in to bring out the light, revealing new beauties in it, and bringing out here and there details which help in the understanding of the Word of God. . . .

Interestingly, Elder Ferrell’s arguments belittle the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, because at each stage of this earth’s history when God has sent a messenger, the ones to whom the message is given use the very same argument:

  • In Noah’s day the people could have claimed they had everything needful for salvation and did not need to listen to Noah.
  • Prior to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, God sent prophets to warn His people to repent. These included Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah. Why did God not just send one prophet? In fact, why bother sending any prophets? Moses had already outlined what would be the result if they turned away from God.
  • Once Jesus was resurrected He used the Old Testament scriptures to prove He was the Messiah. Yet why do we accept the New Testament? Did God not reveal enough in the Old Testament for people to gain a knowledge of salvation?
  • If there is enough light in the Bible, why did God send Ellen White? Because with all that light they had in their Bibles, they were not reading it like they should. God needed to guide them, like He has always guided His people. Unfortunately, each generation has shown that people do not want to be guided by God. They want to lead themselves.

God says:

Counsels on Sabbath School Work, pp. 32-33

When new light is presented to the church, it is perilous to shut yourselves away from it. Refusing to hear because you are prejudiced against the message to the messenger will not make your case excusable before God. To condemn that which you have not heard and do not understand will not exalt your wisdom in the eyes of those who are candid in their investigations of truth. And to speak with contempt of those whom God has sent with a message of truth, is folly and madness. If our youth are seeking to educate themselves to be workers in His cause, they should learn the way of the Lord, and live by every word that proceedeth out of His mouth. They are not to make up their minds that the whole truth has been unfolded, and that the Infinite One has no more light for His people. If they entrench themselves in the belief that the whole truth has been revealed, they will be in danger of discarding precious jewels of truth that shall be discovered as men turn their attention to the searching of the rich mine of God's word.


The Review and Herald, February 18, 1890

When a message is presented to God's people, they should not rise up in opposition to it; they should go to the Bible, comparing it with the law and the testimony, and if it does not bear this test, it is not true.

We have to wonder whether Elder Ferrell would have accepted Ellen White in her day. Would he have falsely accused her like he has done Ernie? Would he have said like so many others that her visions were the result of hypnotism? Would he have said that all we need for salvation is what is in the Bible? Think of how much light he would have missed if he had rejected Ellen White. How much light is he missing because he is rejecting Ernie's messages?


Chapter conclusion

Ernie’s dream “Testing the Spirits” gives over twenty specific Bible and Spirit of Prophecy tests that can be used to determine the spirit behind the dreams. Instead of Linda and Elder Ferrell judging Ernie, they should have studied those tests. Ernie’s dreams perfectly promote the doctrines of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Although Ernie and Becky are not perfect—yet—they strongly believe in and support the historic Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and are striving to follow them perfectly.

Of all those who have risen up against Ernie, Elder Ferrell has to be the most reckless among them. The many outright lies Elder Ferrell states as a matter of fact, lead us to question if he is not led directly of Satan. Instead of reading the dreams and testing them to the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, Elder Ferrell has chosen to read and form his opinions based on a letter that attacks Ernie’s character. The Bible tells us the only one who attacks someone’s character is the devil. He is the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10) and this is what Elder Ferrell has done. One would think that someone like him, who considers himself a defender of the truth, would have at least followed the Bible counsel in Matthew 18:15 and contacted Ernie to find out if what Linda had written was true or not.

It is interesting that of all those who have criticized Ernie’s dreams, Elder Ferrell never once mentions the issue of tithe, even though Linda mentions it in her letter. Why did Elder Ferrell not bring up this point, since it is the only one in which the critics claim Ernie’s dreams contradict the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy? Could it be that the reason is because he is in agreement with what Ernie was shown? After all, did he not write The Truth about Tithe book? This just shows that those who argue that Satan is preaching to the converted is completely wrong. Here is one who we would expect to stand in support of the dreams, but instead he rejects them on someone else’s word. As you read Elder Ferrell’s letter, you will notice that not one point is raised to show Ernie’s dreams teach error.

In concluding, let us be reminded what God’s Word has to say about false accusations:

Exodus 20:16

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.


Exodus 23:1

Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.


Leviticus 19:11

Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.


Luke 3:14

And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.


1 Peter 3:16

Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.


The Review and Herald, January 8, 1884

Not all the names that stand registered in the church books will at last appear in the Lamb's book of life. There are tares among the wheat. There are betrayers, accusers, traitors, in the camp. These will wound, misrepresent, and falsely accuse you. They are false brethren, meddlesome and indiscrete, stumbling-blocks to others. They are doing a work for Satan far more successfully than if they were not connected with the church.


Early Writings, p. 69

I saw that those who oppose the Sabbath of the Lord could not take the Bible and show that our position is incorrect; therefore they would slander those who believe and teach the truth and would attack their characters. Many who were once conscientious and loved God and His Word have become so hardened by rejecting the light of truth that they do not hesitate to wickedly misrepresent and falsely accuse those who love the holy Sabbath, if by so doing they can injure the influence of those who fearlessly declare the truth. But these things will not hinder the work of God. In fact, this course pursued by those who hate the truth will be the very means of opening the eyes of some.

We wonder why Elder Ferrell attacks Ernie since they are both historic Adventists. It is as if he never studied Ernie’s dreams.

Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2, p. 123

It is not for lack of knowledge that God's people are now perishing. They will not be condemned because they do not know the way, the truth, and the life. The truth that has reached their understanding, the light which has shone on the soul, but which has been neglected or refused, will condemn them. Those who never had the light to reject will not be in condemnation. What more could have been done for God's vineyard than has been done? Light, precious light, shines upon God's people; but it will not save them unless they consent to be saved by it, fully live up to it, and transmit it to others in darkness. God calls upon His people to act. It is an individual work of confessing and forsaking sins and returning unto the Lord that is needed. One cannot do this work for another. Religious knowledge has accumulated, and this has increased corresponding obligations. Great light has been shining upon the church, and by it they are condemned because they refuse to walk in it.

The term “ad hominem” means an argument about the person, rather than making an argument about the topic or ideas presented by the person. That is what Linda and Elder Ferrell have done to Ernie. Rather than showing where the dreams diverge from known truth, they both focused on the softer target—Ernie. Elder Ferrell used much hearsay as proof. Not only is that condemned in God’s Word, but it is not even allowed as a valid testimony in court.

Now we can clearly see in Elder Ferrell’s words that they are not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


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